Our bracelet would be needed if you have been told by your Doctor, Pharmacist, or any other medical professional that a medical condition, medication, or allergy requires you to wear one. If you are uncertain our recommendation is to take our downloadable Doctor's Form to your Physician and discuss their recommendations. You may want to do this at your routine yearly exam or anytime you have changes in your medical needs or treatments.

Should my child wear a ALERT A LINK BRACELET™?

Parents should follow the same guidelines and recommendations that we have provided for adults and our bracelet. Our bracelets are stylish and attractive and diminish the traditional objections that some kids have had to wearing a medical alert bracelet. We have found that kids really like our bracelets and think they are a "cool" way to wear their medical alert information. Many of our parents who purchase ALERT A LINK BRACELETS™ for their children add our Contact Link with call Mom or Dad and their cell phone number. With the our interlocking changeable linking system, if your cell phone changes you just order a new affordable "Contact Link" and replace it on your bracelet.

If I carry a wallet card or if I'm always with someone that knows my medical needs do I still need to wear a ALERT A LINK BRACELET™?

Yes. If you have been advised to wear a medical alert then do not think carrying a wallet card meets this requirement and do not rely on others to communicate your medical needs during your emergency care. During emergency response 1st responders will be using the time to focus on your life saving care not looking through your wallet or purse for information. The first place a 1st responder looks is on your wrist, having your medical information available could be the difference between you receiving the treatment you need or not. Medical alert bracelets are recommended because they save lives. Wallet cards are not a substitute. Some people have placed the information "see wallet card' on their medical alert bracelets instead of placing the recommended medical information on their medical alert bracelets. We do not recommend you use "see wallet card" for the vital information your medical professional has recommended you to provide for your emergency care. This is a false sense of security since wallet cards are not the first thing a 1st responder looks for during your emergency care. There are also laws that prohibit 1st responders to look in your wallet or purse, without following protocols. Many times we have helped people who can't remember that they had a pacemaker or stent or other medical condition until they see it on our list as available information to provide to a 1st responder. So don't rely on someone who you have told to provide your medical information for emergency care treatment.

What should I include on my ALERT A LINK BRACELET™?

Many people get overwhelmed by this task. The most important information to include on your ALERT A LINK BRACELET™ is that information that would be vital for you care and decision making of medical professionals during the first 3-5 minutes of an emergency. These may be medical conditions, allergies or medications. Most important is to get a bracelet you are comfortable with and will wear. With our medical alert system it's easy; you order your Basic ALERT A LINK BRACELET™ on this site adding the ALERT A LINKS™ links you believe are vital for your care. Once you get your bracelet we recommend you download the Doctor's Form found on our site and at your next appoin™ent show your Doctor your bracelet and ask them to recommend any additional ALERT A LINKS™ for your bracelet for your emergency care. Remember, unlike all other medical alert bracelets on the market which require you provide a one time request for engraving your bracelet, with warnings that "engraving is permanent," our ALERT A LINK BRACELET™ gives you the flexibility to add, change, replace links with updated information without having to replace the entire bracelet.

Do I need any other kind of information other than my medical information on my bracelet?

ALERT A LINK™ provides a custom emergency Contact Link and an Information Link. You can add CALL WIFE with phone # or any other emergency contact. We recommend you place the persons relationship title instead of name (i.e. WIFE, HUSBAND, MOM, DAD, SON, DAUGHTER) this gives first responders a better understanding of who they are contacting. "Contact Links" provide vital information but also provide peace of mind for loved ones, they often added to child's or spouse's bracelets. Family members caring for elderly with memory problems find our "Contact Links" both useful for someone assisting them and also the wearer of the bracelet. You can also add a DR.s Name and #. For our "Information Link" you may want to add Your Name and Date of Birth, medical records in your area may be located with this information.

When should I wear my ALERT A LINK BRACELET™?

Always! Wearing a ALERT A LINK BRACELET™ can protect you from being misdiagnosised, medical errors, receiving medications and treatment you could have an adverse reaction to, and ensures you get the proper treatment in a timely manner that could save your life. We have heard of people purchasing other types of medical jewelry and for various reasons not wearing it. Your safety and care is being compromised by not wearing your medical alert. Our ALERT A LINK BRACELET™ was designed so that it's easy and comfortable to wear and your recommended medical information is readable at-a-glance.

Can I wear a MEDCIAL ALERT LINK BRACELET™ if I have metal allergies?

People who have sensitivities to metals can successfully wear our ALERT A LINK BRACELET™ with out any kind of allergic reaction. Our ALERT A LINK BRACELET™ has been designed and manufactured with you in mind. All MEDICAL ALERT LINKS™ are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel. If you are one of the individuals who need a medical alert bracelet but not currently wearing one because you have not found one that you could wear without a allergic reaction, we assure you that our ALERT A LINK BRACELETS™ are safe for you to wear. We honor our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

We have designed our ALERT A LINK BRACELET™ with an interchangeable linking system, so that you can build your own safety, by adding link by link information your Doctor recommends you have for your emergency response care.

What if I can't afford a Medical Alert Bracelet?

The ALERT A LINK BRACELET™ is the first bracelet on the market that you can budget. Simply purchase our affordable basic bracelet and add the ALERT A LINKS™ links you need as you can afford them. We encourage who has been told by their medical professional to wear a medical alert bracelet to wear one, it's the least expensive form of medical insurance you can purchase and vital for your care and safety.

In order to wear the ALERT A LINK BRACELET™ do I have to sign up and pay a membership fee?

No, you don't have to sign up for anything or pay a membership fee to purchase and wear our ALERT A LINK BRACELET™. Our bracelet was designed for the first 3-5 minutes of an emergency when EMT's need your vital medical information at-a-glance to make critical decisions for your care and safety. We know EMT's or 1st responders will not use this critical time to call an 800 number to find out your medical information for their response to your current medical emergency. We have designed our ALERT A LINK BRACELET™ with an interchangeable linking system, so that you can build your own safety, by adding link by link information your Doctor recommends you have for your emergency response care.

How do I add and remove links from my bracelet?

Each bracelet sold will come with instructions on how to add, remove and size your bracelet. Below are the instructions.


We sell a charm tool which you can order, for some this assists in making changes to your ALERT A LINK BRACELET™.

How do I clean my bracelet?

Our ALERT A LINK BRACELETS™ are made of hypoallergenic stainless steel which will not tarnish or rust. Stainless steel may scratch therefore clean with a smooth cloth or a jeweler's polishing cloth. Avoid soaking in jewelry cleaners or using chemical cleaners to clean your ALERT A LINK BRACELET™. Treat you're ALERT A LINK BRACELET™ like you would fine jewelry and you can wear it for years.

What happens if I experience body changes which make my bracelet to large or small?

Simply add or remove blank links from you bracelet. If you need more links to expand your ALERT A LINK BRACELET™ you can order them on our website. For parents with children you may purchase a bracelet and have to size it down from the standard size we sell, save the extra links and add them as your child grows.

How do I know what size to make my bracelet?

There is no set answer to this question. How you wear your medical alert jewelry should follow similar preferences you have for wearing watches and bracelets. Some like to wear medical alert jewelry snug and some can't stand to have anything tight around their wrists. Take your wrist measurements with your personal preference in mind. Our ALERT A LINK BRACELET™ will be sold for average size wrists for men and women. Use the chart below to figure out if you will need to add additional links to your order. (Remember to add the # of ALERT LINKS™ (Medical, Allergies, Medicines, Custom) that you are ordering and add them to the standard size bracelets to determine if you need to add the additional links to your order.)

SIZING CHART-use for either women's or men's bracelet order
6 ¾" wrist = 18 links (Standard Size 9mm (Women's) Bracelet includes colored Caduceus)
7 ¼" wrist = 19 links
7 ½" wrist = 20 links
8" wrist = 21 links (Standard Size 13mm (Men's) Bracelet includes colored Caduceus)
8 ¼" wrist = 22 links
8 ¾" wrist = 23 links
9 ¼" wrist = 24 links
9 ½" wrist = 25 links

(When calculating the final size your bracelet, remember to include the ALERT LINKS™ you ordered to determine if you will need to purchase additional links. The chart above should be used by everyone regardless if you are ordering the women's or the men's ALERT A LINK BRACELET™.)

Features of the NEW Medical Alert Link Bracelet...

An at a glance medical summary easily readable by EMT's so they can make important life-saving decisions within the first 3-5 minutes of your care.
"your medical info at a glance"
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