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The mission of ALERT A LINK™ is to provide innovative wearable medical information jewelry and products that are easily accessible and affordable for critical life saving care. Our goal is to be the first medical alert bracelet on the market where the medical information can be self managed by the wearer.

Our company is ALERT A LINK™. We specialize in the development, manufacturing and distribution of our PATENT PENDING product ALERT A LINK BRACELETS™. This is the first medical alert bracelet on the market where the information can be self managed by the wearer.

We aim to be innovative in our product development and marketing and traditional in our approach to customer service and satisfaction. Above all we respect and care for our customers. We will strive to provide a ALERT A LINK™ for any personal medical need or contact information requested.

If you would like to personally contact us, please call (541) 899-3403 Pacific Time. If you would like to write us, please direct all correspondence to: ALERT A LINK™, P.O. BOX 98, Jacksonville, Oregon 97530. You are invited to email us at info@alertalink.com.

We would like to hear from you if you are wearing our ALERT A LINK BRACELET™ and would like provide us with your testimonial so that we can share your experience or medical story with others. Your testimonial my help save someone else's life. (see Testimonial Form) Please share our website with others by sending them this link www.alertalink.com.

Features of the NEW Medical Alert Link Bracelet...

An at a glance medical summary easily readable by EMT's so they can make important life-saving decisions within the first 3-5 minutes of your care.
"your medical info at a glance"
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